Here is why Nutrisystem’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich is My all-Time Favorite Food Item

Sometimes I want to check my weight and use a diet that will still have the best taste in my mouth. Taking foods low in calorie may well achieve this dream. That is why whenever I feel like eating foods that help me lose weight but at the same time experiencing the favorite flavors, grilled chicken sandwich crosses my mind. It’s a white chicken meat that is professionally infused with a schooled flavor. A quick glance at the sandwich just leaves my mouth flooded with saliva.

My aim is to lose weight, but not through starving. And of course, without breaking the bank (thank God for Nutrisystem coupon codes) So every bite I take rewards me with iron to help my blood, Vitamin C to boost my immune, adequate fiber for an effective digestion and a small amount of protein. Basically, am able to lose weight while my stomach is still full, thanks to Nutrisystem’s grilled chicken sandwich.


But the fantastic taste isn’t the only thing that keeps me attracted to the grilled chicken sandwich. There is also something about its ingredients that leaves me wanting more and more of this food item. A single bite may have the three main components. They are whole grain bun, wheat and chicken breast patty blended with rib meat. All these substances have the basic ingredients which include water, garlic powder, onion powder, sodium phosphates, sugar, and yeast. On top of these are the antioxidants such as ascorbic acid and nitric acid. They slow my aging rate. Preservation is key and that is why calcium propionate is added. Can you imagine a single bite having all these ingredients? There you got it!

Nutrition facts

I am always conscious of the nutritional value of the food I take. It’s because, at the end of each meal, I want to know the food’s implication on my body. This is why analyzing grilled chicken sandwich to determine its nutritional value is paramount. Of course, you also want to know what is contained in the meal you just took from your cafeteria. Allow me to take you to the grilled chicken sandwich nutritional analysis. It is served as a single package. The sandwich comes with over 200 calories to ensure my body is always fully energized. It is packed with a low-fat content of around 3.0 grams to ensure there is no risk to my heart and normal blood pressure. I definitely don’t want a package that will bring problems later in life. Grilled chicken sandwich contains a high amount of Vitamin C (70%) which is a big boost to my immune system. I do not have to worry about small infections that my immune system can easily tackle.

Pros and Cons


  • The sandwich is so flavorful, everyone wants to have a taste.
  • It has a great taste and is easy to fix.
  • Much of the sandwich is the chicken. Who doesn’t want that?
  • You can control your own taste through the great blank canvas.


  • The bun should be separately heated. Currently, it is too springy making it hard to handle.
  • I hate the chicken cartilages, so please someone find a way of doing away with them.
  • The size of the sandwich is not so much appealing.

I like the grilled chicken sandwich. I would pick it any day, anywhere as my lose-weight-plan because of its nutritional value. Its taste is something to not just wish away. It has almost everything making a single bite to have a balanced diet. Based on the reviews, the food item is commendable with over three-quarters of the reviewers giving a five star.