Nutrisystem’s Four Cheese Melt: A Quick Snack that Packs a Healthy Punch


I have been a fan of snacks for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s pizza, calzones, or pretzels, I’m a sucker for prepared comfort foods that are ready-to-eat.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what led me to gain weight in the first place, as I found myself choosing convenience over health. But after trying Nutrisystem’s Four Cheese Melt I think I’ve finally found a snack that can satisfy my cravings without derailing my weight loss journey from its track.

Here’s what I liked about Nutrisystem’s Four Cheese Melt:

It’s A Quick Snack That Gives Me The Energy I Need

Despite its harmless appearance, this little cheese melt packs a surprising amount of flavor. Its crispy crust of bread encases four kinds of cheese (parmesan, cheddar, mozzarella, and romano), which together with the tomato sauce, and other natural condiments, form a healthy vegetarian snack. Exactly what I need to eat after a hard workout or a long day at work.

Each melt contains 230 calories and 12g of protein, which is only a fraction of what you find in a Pizza slice of the same size. However, unlike pizza, this melt is easy to digest because it only has 5g of dietary fiber and 6g of fat. And if that weren’t good enough, this small snack is surprisingly filling, helping me to satisfy my cravings without letting my weight go.

It’s Surprisingly Flavorful And Can Be Improved

Of all the melts I’ve had, all seemed to taste the same to me. However, this one actually tastes a lot like pizza, although it’s much healthier. It has a lot of cheese, always a plus, but I noticed that once I microwaved it the whole filling mixed up together. The cheese and tomato sauce still tasted great, but I couldn’t identify any individual cheese, which makes this snack a little boring after you’ve eaten it for a while.

But even with these shortcomings, Nutrisystem’s Four Cheese Melt is still hands down the best cheese melt I’ve tasted so far. The taste is similar to a pizza pocket but closer to that of an actual pizza. So whenever I want to enhance its flavor I just add some fried garlic, black pepper, or onion powder to it.


It’s A Simple Pizza Alternative That Is Easy-To-Prepare

Preparing this melt is very easy. And it’s not expensive at all with a coupon code for Nutrisystem. All that is needed is to heat it in the microwave for a minute and a half and it’s ready to go. But there are also many creative ways to prepare this snack to give it a unique taste. For example, to get a crust that is extra crispy all I need to do is defrost it in the microwave for a few seconds before I put it in the toaster.

Once it’s heated, the seasoning can make all the difference. Especially if you put some mushrooms, bell pepper, garlic powder, sliced tomatoes, and onions on top of it. Add a salad to your plate or some steamed broccoli around it and you’ll have a filling meal that will take care of your taste buds and appetite at the same time.

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