Why I Fell In Love With Nutrisystem’s Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza


There are various meals in my Nutrisystem weight loss program, but I must admit I can’t get enough of some particular meals (for example, here is why Nutrisystem’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich is my all-time favorite).

One of such meals is the Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza. Here is why I find why this low-calorie and diet-friendly meal perfect for my weight loss program.

This mouthwatering pizza comes with a delicious combo of zesty tomato sauce, cheese, Italian sausage, and turkey pepperoni on a tasty thick crust. The high fiber and protein content that keeps me satisfied. It is a diet-friendly meal that that I will choose any day over other options.

There are two things about this meal that make me prefer it over other options. The first one is its choice of ingredients. Nutrisystem has combined a variety of ingredients with a range of health benefits into this pizza. The main ingredients include the following;

  1. The marinara sauce which is made using tomato paste, olive oil, red pepper puree, spices, garlic oil, and parmesan cheese which is made with cheese culture, enzymes, nonfat milk. I particularly like the use of various spices as they add some very good natural flavors. The use of nonfat milk is also great as it reduces the amount of saturated fat.
  2. The crust is made baked using yeast, chicory inulin, soybean oil, whole wheat flour, Oregano, parsley, potassium chloride, malted barley flour, soy flour, and water. The use of various ingredients and spices in the crust is something that also interests me a lot as the crust alone has all the essential nutrients.
  3. Cheese blend is made with low-fat mozzarella cheese, modified cornstarch, enzymes, vitamin a palmitate, garlic, and onion (which gave the pizza a very pleasant flavor), oregano, parsley, and various spices. I must admit I really liked this cheese especially because of the onion and garlic flavor in it.
  4. Other ingredients include Italian sausage which has paprika extracts among other ingredients. There is also turkey pepperoni which has garlic powder, paprika extractives, natural smoke flavorings, natural flavorings, pork, salt, and water.

Another reason this meal stands out for is its low calories and nutrition facts. With just 260 calories, the Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza allow me to enjoy my other favorite recipes. The low calories also make it fit well in my weight loss meal plan. It also gives me a full-feeling which further helps me to keep my weight in check.

The 33g of carbohydrates and 4g of sugars it each serving offers are enough to boost my energy significantly. The meal has a high protein content, at 15g, which sufficiently repairs my tissues and muscles as I work out a lot.

With only 2.5g of saturated fat, only 25mg of cholesterol, and 0g of trans fat, this meal does not pose any health issues caused by “bad fat” or “bad cholesterol.” Therefore, I get to enjoy the pizza knowing my heart is safe.

This food item has 4g of dietary fiber that is essential for proper digestion. The 10 percent of vitamin A and 25 percent of vitamin C make a complete diet, one of the reasons I included this meal in my weight loss meal plan. The 25 percent of calcium, 6 percent of iron, and 580mg of sodium provide me with just enough of the essential minerals.


  • The Italian sausage is tasty
  • Natural flavors
  • The meal is satisfying


  • The serving is a little small

With all its weight loss and nutritional benefits, the Italian Sausage And Turkey Pepperoni Pizza is one of the best diet-friendly meal that I will always include in weight loss meal plan.

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