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For those looking for some inspiration to achieve their weight loss goal, Kimberly’s story may be just what you need.


I don’t think most people would handle the challenges Kimberly had to go through to attain a healthy weight.

We have all heard of people who have tried various diets without good results before finally finding the weight loss program that helped them lose weight. I am willing to admit that most people in this category had it much easier than Kimberly did.

In fact, for me, it was puzzling to learn that Kimberly had to fight off a difficult illness first before she even got to where most people begin what they consider a tough weight loss journey.

She had to deal with a very inconvenient disease (Fibromyalgia) before her weight loss journey began.

If like me, you are unfamiliar with this disease, it also goes by the name Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Need I say more? That means that working out would be many times harder for Kimberly than it would be for someone like me and you.

But that was more than a decade ago. At 50 years today, it means that Kimberly was at an age where the body is quite reluctant to lose excess weight and get trim; and yet, she was in the throes of this devastating disease.

Add to that the fact that she was no stranger to weight gain and you will have a new appreciation for the uphill challenge that lay ahead of her. That’s right, she has battled excess weight since her childhood.

In fact, I could not for the life of me guess what she had to do to reclaim her health in the face of these overwhelming challenges.

First of all, excess weight has been a lifelong problem for her; secondly, her illness gave her the perfect excuse to give up, and thirdly, being in her 40s, she also had every reason to give up the fight for a healthier weight completely and let others chase after the elusive dream of getting trim.

But no, Kimberly did not take this path; and I find her resolve and hope regarding this health dream quite fascinating.

She did not like the person looking back at her when she stood in front of the mirror.

And so, there was still a hope that someday her dream of a trim healthy body would come true. And luck smiled on her when she finally got to hear about Nutrisystem, and the inspiring stories people who had given the program a try had to tell.

As they say, the rest is history. She signed up with Nutrisystem. What followed is no longer something I find surprising today, but in this case I was a little more relieved to learn that Kimberly got the results that people with less overwhelming odds had managed to achieve.

I will cut the long story short by telling you that she signed up with the meal delivery company’s Vegetarian option. She immediately loved the program – how easy, effective and convenient it was.

Best of all, she did not have to starve in order to shed the excess weight. If anything, she enjoyed her meals, and the portions were generous and satisfying.

Today a look in the mirror always gives her a smile. She weighs in at an enviable 125 pounds, and she now wears a size 2 or 4.

Did I mention she has managed to lose over 50 pounds? Yea, Kimberly had to deal with a demoralizing disease and a lifetime of excess weight to get into the best shape (physically and health wise) of her life at 50!

Her advice to weight watchers – base your weight loss on the right dietary foundation. In this regard, she recommends Nutrisystem. And based on her results, I’d be crazy not to follow her lead if I wanted to get the results she managed to achieve. This diet plan may be a little expensive for some, but look for a Nutrisystem coupon code.